How we can help:

If you or your family are involved in a dispute regarding the care of children, or if Social Work have become involved in the care of your children, we can help.  

There can be many options available to families during this difficult time. The options will be discussed with you and we will provide advice regarding the best way forward.

We appreciate that this can be an extremely difficult time for families. We, therefore, ensure that our advice is delivered in a sensitive and professional manner.


Help in negotiations

We can help in negotiations and ensure that proper arrangements are put in place for the care of your children. Your child’s welfare will be of the utmost importance in any negotiations.

Attending Court

In some circumstances, you may be required to attend Court. We can help you with this process.

Representation at a Children’s Hearing

Depending on the circumstances, you or your child may need representation at a Children’s Hearing. It is important that you contact us as soon as possible.


In some circumstances, Legal Aid may be available to fund your case. 


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