General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Statement

Frank Irvine Solicitors Ltd

On 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the existing 1995 EU Data Protection Directive (European Directive 95/46/EC). The effect of this legislative change cannot be overstated: it will impact nearly every organisation which holds or processes personal data both within and outwith the European Union. The new Regulation imposes new and more arduous responsibilities on such organisations, including the need to demonstrate compliance, more stringent enforcement and substantially increased penalties than the outgoing Data Protection Act.

Frank Irvine Solicitors welcome the introduction of GDPR on 25 May 2018. Frank Irvine Solicitors have always taken information security seriously, however to maintain legislative compliance, the firm has undertaken a number of steps to protect personal data even further where necessary.

In terms of the GDPR, Frank Irvine Solicitors have been working towards compliance to ensure that our clients appreciate their personal data is being handled in a fully compliant fashion at all levels, irrespective of how our clients’ cases are funded or type of case.

Accordingly, Frank Irvine Solicitors will be notifying all clients in relation to how data is ingathered, stored and who will have access to such data. We do not share or divulge any information to third parties under any circumstances, unless required by law relative to client transactions being undertaken or where prior permission has been sought and granted by our clients.